Kaizer's Jounrey

Awakening Humanity Through Art & Dance

Dragon was born in Miami, FL by the age of 2 yrs old, then he, his mother & stepfather relocated to Nashville, TN where he was raised. Dragon grew up in a Christian background until he was 18 yrs old, during those times of childhood he was in chorus in 6th grade, also was in band in the 8th & 9th grade playing the alto saxophone, Dragon gained some stage experience during his school years. Also during his childhood he was a back up singer at a church grew up at for the youth group gaining more stage experiences in performing. Dragon decided to forge his own path around that time in the year 2008. At age 20 in Spring 2010 he fully came out as a gay man & was forced to wonder for awhile. Although Dragon was lost, he found his true passion in the art of music & dance. In the year 2012 Kaizer Dragon has made his debut in the entertainment industry in the LGBT Community as a professional backup dancer for many Drag Queens in multiple pageants including prelims & nationals (drag shows included) which led him to travel to various places such as Chicago; IL; Oklahoma City, OK; Memphis, TN: Evansville, IN & St. Louis, MO. He gained so much recognition during his time as a professional back up dancer. One year later in Fall 2013 Dragon made his debut as a solo performer at Middle Tennessee State University to help raise awareness to stand against bullying for the LGBT Community, he succeeded his debut & continued on building his career in the entertainment business despite him being a nomad at the time.

In the year 2014 Dragon auditioned for America's Got Talent but the judges felt he wasn't ready yet to go to the next level. In the same year around Fall 2014, Dragon competed at his first pageant called Mr.Zodiac Don't H8 (Prelim) which he had only two weeks to prepare for every category, upon his competition he achieved 1st Place winning every category but interview. Later that year Winter season Kaizer Dragon competed in the same pageant in Spartansburg, NC for Mr. Zodiac Don't H8 2015 (Nationals) where he competed to win the crown & become the title holder of Mr. Zodiac Don't H8 for the year 2015, due to wardrobe malfunction Dragon made in the Top 5. As Dragon continued to perform in the year 2015 & traveling between cities such as Evansville, IN; & Nashville, TN, he competed at a pageant called Mr. Genesis 2015 in Nashville,TN but never placed due to harsh critiques by the judges.. In late Winter he was invited to compete again for Mr.Zodiac Don't H8 (Nationals) to win the crown & hold the title for Mr. Zodiac Don't H8 2016 in Charlotte, NC before he left to compete his aunt passed away 5 days after New Years Day shortly upon seeing her for the last time on Christmas Day without knowing her pain. Dragon's focus wasn't up to par during the pageant which led him to not place in the pageant but nonetheless he was awarded Mr. Congeniality by Travis Stancil who was the winner of Mr. Zodiace Don't H8 2015. During all of this time of performing & traveling Dragon fell in love with House Music & all it's subgenres, he has many friends who are DJs' & Producers which inspired him to go to many shows to see artists like Walker & Royce, Kill The Noise, Rufus Du Sol, Ca$h Ca$h, DJ Aphrodite, DJ Tatianna & many more. Dragon was inspired to expand his horizon when it came to music since he is already influenced by other genres such as Jpop, Kpop, Latin, Pop, Soft Rock & Hip Hop. EDM & House Music really made his heart soar & it inspired him to become an artist himself.

In 2016 Dragon still performed for awhile & competed at a pageant called Mr. Gay Kentucky Gent in Bowling Green, KY and was placed as 1st Alternate. In Summer 2016, Dragon has made an appearance in a music video with an artist known as Phenix Red for her single called “Classick” in Nashville, TN. He also has met & have affiliations currently with recording artist such as Phenix Red, London Rose, Adassa Candiani, Nikki Williams, Grace Valerie, Hayley Williams (from Paramore). During so many events from 2014 - 2016 Dragon relocated to Evansville, IN to try & pursue his career in more than one state, he competed at a bar pageant called "Mr. Scandals & gained 1st Place by winning every category. Dragon was starting to struggle in his career & it was put to a halt due to personal life challenges he had been facing. In Fall 2016 Dragon decided to but his career behind for awhile & went to North Dakota (Standing Rock) to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline that was being built. He protested for 3 months which caused him to winter over, but during that time he has made new connections & it inspired him to embrace life even more & it gave him the inspiration he needed to keep going on his journey.

In Spring 2017, Dragon relocated to Portland, OR to start a new life, during this time it became a big struggle for him which again led him to wonder, he met amazing people through dance auditions & attending burlesque shows as well which led him to build a community in the entertainment industry. Winter came alone & Dragon fell completely ill & was hospitalized for two weeks, this was the time he flat lined but came back to life. 2018 came around & more community started to grow for Dragon which led him to get back into performing at drag shows again, becoming a Go Go dancer & joining a dance team called Feral Dance Crew which one of his dear friends is the administrator. Winter 2018 Kaizer Dragon fell ill again & finally decided to start creating his own music & take the path of being a new upcoming artist. December 4, 2018 Dragon had released his first single called "Come Get It Get It" which had a tribal & metaphysical influence, this song was created off of his mobile phone. 

2019 Kaizer Dragon released more singles as he was gaining traction & also becamce a gay male stripper. On May 15, 2019 Dragon released his first EP called "Rise Of The Dragon" He planned to have a release party but fell ill a week before the event so he had the event cancelled. While sustaining his career by doing three things simultaneously, this had led him to fall ill multiple times & hospitalized. Late summer 2019 Dragon relocated to Maui, Hawaii to continue his new & transforming journey through music, art, & dance. Dragon is now ready to bring the world together & is rising to this present moment & does not plan to stop.

Dragon is multilingual in three languages, English, Spanish, & Basic Japanese.