MojoHeadz Record Label & Single Release Date!

The news is in everyone, it has been confirmed that Kaizer Dragon has been signed onto his 1st record label known as MojoHeadz Records! Kaizer's previous  leading single from his Halloween EP "The Dragon's Darkness" titled "Dance For Your Life"

Space Nomad

Ladies & Gentlemen, Kaizer Dragon will be releasing his leading single for an upcoming album in the year 2020. The title of this upcoming single is called "Space Nomad" & it will be released on March 3rd 2020. This track

No More Games

Kaizer Dragon has released his new & latest single on December 21, 2019 titled " No More Games" it was the last single of the year to end 2019. It's available on all platforms & on this website as well.

The Dragon's Darkness [EP] (Deluxe)

Kaizer Dragon has decided to release a deluxe version of his EP titled "The Dragon's Darkness" with two extra bonus tracks titled "You Can't Run From Us" & another bonus track titled "Where Did You Go" again this album does…

The Dragon's Darkness [EP] New Release

Ladies & Gentlemen the month of October is coming to a close, Kaizer Dragon will be releasing his Exclusive Halloween EP titled "The Dragon's Darkness" this EP does have elements where you be scared of, it has spooky vibes and

Halloween Exclusive

Ladies & Gentlemen since this is the month of October and many people love this time of year, Kaizer Dragon will be releasing his Exclusive Halloween Single titled "Dance For Your LIfe" this track is something you can dance to

New Single "On The Dancefloor (VIP Mix)" For VIP Members!

Ladies & Gentlemen, it has come to our attention that Kaizer Dragon has planned to release his new & 1st VIP Mix on 10/18/2019 titled "OnThe Dancefloor (VIP MIX). This single is a debut for his VIP fans. However, this

"Close To Me" New Single

Ladies & Gentlemen due to Kaizer Dragon's long hiatus due to personal life circumstances, we are here to announce that his new single "Close To Me" is available now to all who are subscribed to this website or to those

Kaizer Dragon's New Single "Fly With Me"

Kaizer Dragon released his new single called "Fly With Me" on June 7, 2019. Due to him being recently hospitalized and having to cancel his EP Release party, Kaizer decided to give his fans a new song as an apology

Rise Of The Dragon EP

Kaizer Dragon released his first EP album titled "Rise Of The Dragon" on May 15th 2019. This album has various styles & this is the album where most of his tracks were made off his mobile phone in Fall 2018