The Dragon's Darkness [EP] (Deluxe)

Kaizer Dragon has decided to release a deluxe version of his EP titled "The Dragon's Darkness" with two extra bonus tracks titled "You Can't Run From Us" & another bonus track titled "Where Did You Go" again this album does have elements where you can tap into the dark parts of yourselves, it does take you on a journey to a deeper dark place, some more than others who are brave to explore! This EP is available now on this website to download & stream for all monthly members subscribed on this site & for non members! Also, this EP will be available on all platforms on November 7, 2019. The leading track for the deluxe album titled "You Can't Run From Us" has made the Halloween Podcast on October 31, 2019 via RepostExchange/SoundCloud. You can listen to the podcast on the RepostExchange page on SoundCloud Episode #13.

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